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Piptree Early Learning is a professional early learning service provider. Through over 15 years of industry experience, we have formulated play based development programs to give children the best possible start to their educational journey. In order to stimulate structured, play-based learning, we use a large variety of educational toys. We know that learning isn't confined to the classroom, so we want to make the tools we use available for you at home!

We stock a large range of children's educational toys from brands including Beleduc, Educo and Vivaio. We also stock Poly-M - The world's first soft and flexible building bricks made in Germany. We ship Australia wide from Brisbane, Queensland using the services of Sendle - Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service.


Is your child too young to be using technology?

Technology can sometimes hinder forming a meaningful bond between you and your child. By using tablets and phones to stimulate and distract children, parents are also unknowingly interrupting the natural development of social, physical and cognitive skills that children need to acquire in their formative years. 

As an early learning service provider, Piptree has a responsibility to educate parents on the importance of a child’s early years exposure, as well as provide a solution to these modern day challenges. 

Our range of educational toys will allow you to bond with your child, whilst providing stimulating engagement and teaching fundamental skills through play. The best thing about our toys is that your child can learn intuitively through independent play, and you can also join in the fun!


Piptree's Education Philosophy

At Piptree, our ultimate objective is to assist in developing children into life-long learners who are equipped with the skills and motivation to teach themselves as they develop.

Child with PipsTo help us achieve this objective, we have implemented a carefully selected variety of educational toys into our early learning centres. The toys available for use at Piptree have been creatively designed with a strong emphasis placed on both learning and environmental friendliness. 

Young children learn most effectively through play - playing is learning and learning is playing. Children all around the world deserve the highest quality learning materials. Each product has been designed to inspire structured learning, by stimulating curiosity and exploration of the world we live in. We research all of our products thoroughly to ensure that they provide children with the best learning outcome possible. 

The key philosophy behind our educational toys is that neither culture, language, nor gender should obstruct the intuitive process that occurs when children are playing. This philosophy has been achieved by parents and educators recognising what children see as fun, and tailoring those activities toward learning age-appropriate life skills.


Learning Domains

The toys used in our centres specialise in development and education in the following key domains:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Language
  • Health
  • Creativity

At the centre of these key learning domains is the concept of social competence, which ties together each of the outcomes to deliver a well-rounded education for children from as young as babies to 6 years old and beyond. 


Now you can bring these educational toys home!

To achieve our ultimate objective of developing life-long learners, we recognise that a significant amount of play takes place at home. What better way to stimulate effective learning through play than by making these tools available for your child both at home and in the classroom? Each toy has its own unique learning guide which will be available to download, so that parents can understand the learning outcome that the toy is designed to achieve. 

We are proud of our products and are committed to regularly updating our catalogue with new and innovative toys that will assist in achieving the most well-rounded education for your child!

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