Guiding Mindfulness Exercises – Breathing

Date Posted:14 February 2020 

Guiding Mindfulness Exercises – Breathing main image Guiding Mindfulness Exercises – Breathing image
We all know how much of a challenge it can be to get a bright, bubbly and energetic child to sit still for longer than a few minutes. At certain stages of their development, the importance of ‘slowing down’ and reflecting should be emphasised.


You don’t need to have prior experience with mindfulness to help your child with the exercises. You can learn and practice it with them as you go!

Being aware and conscious of your breathing forces you to be present in the moment. How you are breathing shows a lot about the state you’re in — tense, anxious, or relaxed. You can use your breathing in a tense or stressful situation to calm you down.

Breathing techniques are the basis for all mindfulness exercises - Now let's try some breathing exercises with your child here!


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