Nature Play in Early Childhood

Date Posted:26 March 2020 

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Inspire a love of nature in your child by encouraging regular natural play! Either let your child lead, or gently guide them through exploring and playing in the natural environment.


Children learn best while playing. The best place for them to play is the outdoors, where there are no physical, mental or emotional restrictions. Children can be left to their own devices as the adults supervise from afar, or participate in child-led play.

Nature play will reap many benefits. It will significantly improve all aspects of childhood development — including physicalcognitivesocial, and emotional. It will also allow your child to build the necessary life-skills that will be extremely useful in the long-term.

Some Benefits of Nature Play

  1. Risk Assessment - Playing in nature will teach your child how to assess and negotiate the risks that are involved. Whether they are climbing on trees or other objects, or playing with sticks and stones, they will learn how to protect themselves and also problem-solve if they are stuck.
  2. Building Social Skills - When your child heads outside to play, chances are they will meet other and interact with other playmates. You child will learn to collaborate with others, problem-solve, and be a team-player

To learn more about the benefits of nature play, and find some fun ideas for activities to do with your kids in nature, follow this link!

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